Bushwick Notebook Issue 2


Image of Bushwick Notebook Issue 2

Bushwick Notebook is a quarterly print magazine created by Bushwick Daily team. The magazine zooms in on the amazing neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn featuring epic content in fashion, culture, lifestyle and entrepreneurship.
Bushwick Notebook Issue 2 (Fall 2015) contains the following articles:
1. Kweighbaye Kotee: Behind the Scenes of Bushwick Film Festival [Neighbors]
2. Why Does This Art Gallery Smells Like Farts [Comic]
3. Bushwick Hangout with Lea DeLaria [Neighbors]
4. Love & Lust in Bushwick [Sex & Dating]
5. Growing Up in Bushwick [Bushwick Before]
6. Made with Care [Entrepreneurship]
7. Food for the Latest of Nights [Eats]
8. The Loves Behind the Love Shack [Life + Style]
9. Crossing Waters [Poetry]